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990 Harve Brown Rd
Bethpage, TN 37022

USDOT 2194051
Total Trucks 1
Total Drivers 1
Does Rippy Farms transport Hazardous Material? No

RIPPY FARMS Inspection Reports

Last Updated Nov 2019

Inspection Date 20170110 10:12 Report# CV41931637

Inspection Id: 58608968
Report#: CV41931637
Inspection End Date: 20170110 12:00
Inspection Status: Complete
Inspection Level: Full
Source: SafetyNet Uploaded and not changed
City: Franklin
Inspection State: KY
Service Center: South
Alcohol/Drug Check?: No
Drug Interdiction Arrest: 0
Size/Weight Enforcement? Yes
Total Violations: 7
Out-of-Service Violations: 1
Driver Violations: 2
Driver Out-of-Service Violations: 2
Vehicle Violations: 5
OOS Vehicle Violations: 1
Inspection Office: INSPECT
Post Accident Inspection? No
Last Status: on A
Vehicle Information for Inspection Report# CV41931637
Unit Unit Type Unit Make Unit State Unit Year Unit License# VIN#
1 TT -Truck Tractor STRG TN 1999 1669J11 2FWYHSEBXXAF51149
2 ST - Semi Trailer TRLR TN 2002 U230946 5JNG342082H000695

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